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Coris’ patented technology represents an early, real-world implementation of the Internet of Things.  Wireless sensors and controls automatically establish local mesh networks to simplify installation, and automatically start “talking” to Coris servers in the cloud.  All sensor readings and control information is stored in the cloud and is available via web browser anywhere in the world. Operational control decisions are made on “big iron” servers and are based on multiple inputs and conditions for more intelligent operations.  Network security for widely deployed sensors and controls is fundamental to our IoT architecture, and is covered by two patents. Centralized analytics and alerting functions based on our Big Data approach are designed to protect the heart of your business or research.


The company was founded in 2006 to broadly use the Internet as the primary network for smart sensors and controls, based on lessons learned implementing secure networks for Federal agencies. Product development continues to be directed by customer needs, with custom development available for large opportunities.


All Coris products are designed and manufactured in the USA.













Provisional patent application filed (two patents granted, in 2010 and 2011)

Coris was founded, incorporated as J&F Associates, Inc.

Demonstration of automatic wireless mesh networking

Products submitted for UL and FCC testing - passed!

Commercial installation of Outlet Modules and Lighting Controls

Installation of touchscreen lighting controls integrated with motion sensors


Installation of hallway lighting controls to combine motion sensors and scheduling


Installation of golf cart battery charger controls to reduce demand charges


Installation of school vending machine controls based on student schedules


Installation of temperature sensors in walk-in fridges and freezers


Installation of window A/C controls in a school

Installation of remote control thermostats in office buildings


Installation of parking lot lighting controls


Installation of remote sensors controlling thermostats


Installation of stadium concession stand refrigerator controls (only turned on for home games)

Installation of home office control of thermostats and lighting for a chain of retail stores


Installation of temperature monitoring for pharmacy refrigeration systems in a hospital


Installation of extreme temperature monitoring for cryogenic freezers (-80C)


Installation of temperature sensors to monitor boiler systems


Installation of temperature sensors to monitor air conditioning duct temperatures


Installation of water sensors to monitor sump pump pit water levels to detect failure


Installation of temperature sensors to monitor wine storage warehouse


Installation of temperature sensors to audit temperatures in refrigerated beer warehouse


Installation of HVAC and lighting controls in a fitness center to provide proper temperatures and lighting for various scheduled activities


Installation of freezer temperature monitoring for an Ice cream manufacturer prevent crystallization of ice cream

Installation of controls for demand response in a large office building


Installation of temperature sensors to prevent frozen pipes in buildings not continuously occupied


Installation of multi-condition alert notifications – based on three separate conditions all being true


Installation of controls and sensors for a restaurant chain


Installation of Critical Alert Tracking System (CATS)by a hospital to ensure alerts are escalated and acknowledged


Installation of classroom window air conditioner controls to prevent A/C from being left on after school hours

Installation of Extreme Temperature Sensors to monitor liquid nitrogen dewars (tanks) for storing biologic specimens (-196C)


Installation of occupancy sensors to control thermostats


Installation of HVAC controls for an airport

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