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Coris Extreme Temperature Sensor (ETS)

Reduces Risk of Research & Material Losses

Cryogenic freezers frequently store extremely valuable and highly perishable biologic sample—truly irreplaceable that often can represent a researcher's career work. Whether tiissue, virus, or microbe—for research or production—proper cryogenic conditions are mandatory and response times are critical if equipment becomes defective or non-operational.


The Coris ETS continuously monitors the temperature inside cryogenic freezers, centrally logs the temperature data on Coris servers, and automatically distributes alerts (emails, text messages and/or phone calls) to alert appropriate personnel if the temperature goes outside of acceptable limits. You determine the number of people contacted per alert. The Coris web portal provides current temperatures from the ETS sensors, as well as the ability to graph the temperature history over any time frame, starting from when the sensor was installed.

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