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Coris Multi-Sensor Module (MSM)

Many Sensors, One Unit

Preventing losses due to temperature fluctuations is more important than ever. The Coris MSM is an indispensable tool for saving money by reducing spoilage and monitoring system health. Whether you are storing food or medical supplies, knowing if the temperature goes above or below your pre-defined safe storage limits allows you or your staff to take immediate action.


The MSM can also be used as a temperature source for the Coris Internet-Controlled Thermostat (ICT) to improve HVAC efficiency and comfort. A contact closure can be used with the MSM to alert you if a door has been left open, which would typically result in rising temperatures in cooled environments. Similarly, water sensors can alert you of water in your basement or pump room, giving you the opportunity to prevent extensive—and expensive—damage.


In all cases, knowledge of remote facility status prevents small problems from becoming large problems.

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